Dayne Walling 21 Performance is a policy and management consulting company that works with nonprofit, business, and government organizations to enhance long-term sustainability and achieve better outcomes through innovative policy, planning, research and development work. 21 Performance will increase your impact and expand your horizons.

Meet Founder and Owner Dayne Walling

Dayne Walling is the Owner and Manager of 21st Century Performance LLC. The company is built on his professional experience as an elected public executive, social entrepreneur, research fellow, and civic leader. As mayor during the appointment of financial managers and the beginning of Flint water crisis, Dayne learned hard lessons about today's challenges in change management, intergovernmental affairs, and community revitalization. Dayne also led the adoption of a new comprehensive plan and started collaborative initiatives in public safety, economic development and blight elimination—all of which are examples of how multi-sector partnerships, citizen participation and performance-based management are effective strategies even in the most difficult environments. His prior work of leading a nonprofit network, organizing policy advocacy and campaigns, and supporting grants development provides a unique perspective from which to see new opportunities. Dayne is a prominent speaker and commentator on economic development, urban policy, brownfield revitalization, and campaigns and elections. He holds degrees in social relations, modern history, and urban affairs and has completed doctoral work in geography. Dayne was also an AmeriCorps member, a Rhodes and Truman scholar and an Aspen Rodel fellow.

Advising, Designing, Managing and Speaking

From planning to implementation, 21st Century Performance has the tools to provide advising services, design plans, develop resources, manage projects, and evaluate outcomes. Prior projects include: managing a national network to increase civic and voter engagement through the national Center for Civic Participation’s State Voices project; designing creative resource development plans for nonprofit and faith-based organizations; and executing stakeholder engagement strategies for businesses such as Diplomat Pharmacy. Dayne is also available for speaking engagements and opportunities for knowledge sharing through webinars, panels, guest lectures and writing.

Contact 21 Performance

If you are facing the tough challenges of the 21st Century, then consider putting our experience, knowledge and network to work for you by contacting Dayne Walling at 810-280-7684 or No project is too big or small, it's the mission that matters.

Creating Solutions for 21st Century Problems